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Skeptical of the corporation-controlled popular media? Then join the revolution—get the latest news and information at AMNTV.

Had enough of mainstream media and their half-truths and deceptions? if you want to cut through all the hype and get to the real facts, Alternative Media Network (AMN) is for you. After viewing the programming on our channels, you'll know who is pulling the strings of our puppet government and working to establish a one-world government–a government that will impoverish the people and turn us all into slaves on a "global plantation."

AMN is the only real alternative to the corporate-controlled mainstream media. It's designed as an alternative to, not a replacement for, your mainstream media viewing. With AMN, you'll widen your news and entertainment experience. You'll be privy to an alternate view of world events that you're never likely to be exposed to via mainstream media. Add AMN to your media menu and it will open a whole new world of freedom, liberty and truth you've never seen before.


Here's what our customers are saying about AMN TV!

I saw your program for the first time today on Roku. I was impressed with the production as well as the content. I am so grateful, someone somewhere, is telling it like it is. This is SO REFRESHING. More people need this information and the sooner the better.

I've been running out of patience with our local leaders, warning them the sheep are awake and counting politicians worth keeping. I'm infuriated with the Dems who continue to sign on to the Patriot Act versus stand up and be counted as having any commitment to the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. The trouble is, you can't tell who's posing as a Democrat just to win a voice from who reflects our traditonal values before this perpetual war on terror took over. For these reasons, we need the news you're bringing us. Coming on only once a month with nothing to sustain us in between broadcasts leaves me heartsick.

I hope you'll beging video podcasting soon, so the rest of us can help circulate your program and stimulate more interest in what you're doing. Great job, keep it up and thank you so much!

Respectfully, G.N., Washington State